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Preserve Your Tradition

Picture shows Shuto Kuranoshin Mitsutoki (right) the founder of Shibukawa Ichi Ryu jujutsu. Kunio Morimoto(top left), the current headmaster of the style. A list (bottom left) of past students of the style at a shrine.

The customs of a koryu are passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes the current students do not realise how important they are to these traditions. They must be reminded about the special roles they play;

1) Protect the Ryu-ha (style) ~ Defend and resist those who would steal from, corrupt or destroy it. This has been necessary since feudal times when schools of different clans or domains sought to infiltrate or destroy their rivals.

2) Preserve the Ryu-ha ~ so that it does not go extinct like many others have . To do so, you must be a good student. Train hard, study hard, absorb the techniques, and embody the philosophies.. and last but not least,

3) Be loyal ~ Those who are most trustworthy are entrusted with its secrets.

Shibukawa Ichi Ryu jujutsu students of the 4th headmaster Une Shigemi sensei (holding picture frame),

pay tribute in Hiroshima 1 year after the passing of the3rd headmaster,

Kurumaji Kunimatsu sensei (in picture frame).

Shibukawa Ichi Ryu jujutsu outdoor training at Jikan Dojo, East London.

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