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We have fun and friendly classes for all skill and fitness levels. The training program is structured to gradually build up the technical skill, fitness and confidence of all students. Students get the opportunity to test for promotion in rank as they progress in training. All black belt ranks are issued directly from our headquarters in Japan.

We also have extra social and training activities outside of regular classes such as pub lunches, public demonstrations, seminars and even trips to Japan.



These are rare and ancient Japanese martial arts involving hundreds of unarmed techniques and various weapons. Classes are in Shibukawa Ichi Ryu Jujutsu, Oishi Shinkage Ryu Kenjutsu and Muso Shinden Ryu Iai Heiho

Techniques are taught in the same manner as hundreds of years ago and can also be applied to modern self-defence situations. Please use the contact form below to make enquiries.


Leytonstone, East London

Wednesdays - TBC

Saturdays 12:30pm - 2:00 pm

Leytonstone United Free Church,

E11 1AY




Not needed to start but you will eventually be required to get.

  • Keiko Gi - A practice uniform 


  • First class free.

  • Discounts up to 60% off for full-time students.


  • First class just £8

You can visit us for a trial class, no commitment needed.

  • Monthly Subscription.​

If you'd like to carrying on training after your first visit you'll need a monthly subscription. You can cancel any time.

>> £27.20 per month for one (1) class per week plus you pay £5 for any extra classes you take

​                  OR

​>> £38 per month for two (2) classes per week.​

  • Yearly Membership

If you want to become a member and enjoy the membership benefits, it's just £25 per year.


Please write to

Also you may provide your phone number if you'd like a call-back.

The jujutsu curriculum consists of over 400 techniques.
These include many unarmed techniques;
  • Joint manipulation
  • Striking
  • Throwing
  • Defence against knife and sword attacks.
PLUS the following weapon techniques;
  • Sticks: 6' bo (staff)hanbo, 3' bo, gobou & kobou 
  • Sword drawing; Shibukawa Ichi Ryu iai
  • Others; kusarigama (sickle and chain), jutte, fondou & hojo jutsu.
The kenjutsu & iaijutsu curriculums consist of sword drawing and swordsmanship techniques, naginata techniques & disarm techniques.
Additionally a modern self-defence (goshin jutsu) program is taught.
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Bowing to the shrine
Dojo in Japan
Dojo in Japan
Dojo in Japan
Training in Japan
Dojo in Japan
Dojo in Japan
Dojo in Japan
Dojo in London
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